Bishop of Durham

“A warm welcome if you’re browsing these pages to find out more about who leads in the Diocese of Durham, thank you for visiting.

It has been an enormous privilege serving as Bishop of Durham since I began in early 2014. Serving in the long line which goes right back to Aldhun, and before him through the Bishops of Lindisfarne to Aidan, is an extraordinary privilege, and one I certainly never expected.

I love the glorious diversity of communities that we have from the Tyne to the Tees and the Dales to the Seas. The deep history that still impacts our lives really matters. The opportunities that we have as a region are terrific; it is vital that we seize them to offer brighter hope, especially for our children and young people.

I am immensely proud of the clergy and lay leaders who serve across the Diocese. We face many challenges as church communities but we are also doing some wonderful work amongst the communities in which we are set. In chaplaincies and parishes people are seeking to serve God in Jesus Christ in the power of the Spirit.

The Bishop of Durham has always held national responsibilities alongside the local ones. In pursuing these I always seek to have in mind the opportunities and impact of policies on the North East. So my engagement with education, child and family poverty, the welcoming of refugees and asylum seekers and how we support the poorest elsewhere in the world all connect with our own lives locally.

I am wonderfully supported and encouraged by my wife, Rosemary.

I am privileged to have a superb team working with me as the Bishop’s Leadership Team.

It is my constant prayer for us all that we might grow in our love for Jesus, for one another and for all whom we are called to serve. The mark of Jesus’ disciples is to love God with all our being and love our neighbours as ourselves. It is my call as Bishop to lead us all in this wonderful journey. As we travel as pilgrims together may God help us in the power of the Holy Spirit to truly bless our communities in Jesus’ name, for the transformation of us all.”

The Rt Revd Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham


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