Parish Safeguarding Dashboard

The Diocese of Durham has introduced Parish Safeguarding Dashboards to support Parish Safeguarding Officers, Clergy and PCCs in reviewing and monitoring their local safeguarding policies and procedures. The dashboard is rooted in safeguarding actions which are necessary under the Church of England ‘Promoting a Safer Church’ policy and the Durham Diocesan Safeguarding Policy.

Already used by over 7,000 churches across 38 dioceses throughout the Church of England, the system was designed with Parish Safeguarding Officers and Clergy at the forefront. 


You are Invited to Join the Dashboard

Wendy Hopkins, Safeguarding Support Officer, will send you an email invitation to join your dashboard. Wendy can be contacted by email or phone 07570 851951.  

Please accept your invitation to join, register and start using your dashboard

To access and update your dashboard go to Your Safeguarding Dashboard.


Helping you and your PCC with Safeguarding Administration

The Parish Safeguarding Dashboard is a simple to use, online tool, accessed via computer or smart phone, that helps your PCC keep track of safeguarding in your church. It keeps you up-to-date with local and national changes in safeguarding requirements.  Green lights give assurance that you are complying with safeguarding requirements and amber and red lights highlight actions which need to be completed.

Safeguarding Assurance and Actions Plans

The dashboard produces an action plan for your parish at the click of a button. The action plan has three levels:

  • Level 1 - Safer foundations
  • Level 2 - Safer activities
  • Level 3 - Safer procedures

Based on the answers to established questions, Safeguarding Dashboards will email you a PDF action plan that is tailored to your parish. This action plan can then be discussed and approved by your PCC.


Support and Resources

Support is provided by Wendy Hopkins, Safeguarding Support Officer, to help you use the dashboard.

Contact Wendy by email or phone 07570 851951 for any queries in relation to the dashboard.

The Dashboard website provides information on how to get started, FAQs and tutorials.

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