Financial planning

Financial planning combines good recording keeping, planning fundraising appeals and events, monitoring spend and securing value for money in expenditure.

Budgets, whilst often overlooked, are an essential tool in managing PCC finances. The shape of budgets combined with simple cash flow monitoring will ensure that the ministry and mission of the church is adequately resourced and can be carried through without suddenly running out of cash.

Budgets focus on the key objectives and mission and acknowledge the shared responsibility. They are an important mechanism for allocating funds and improve financial reporting as they serve to diminish financial surprises.

Stewardship UK has provided a very full guide to financial planning.

The Church of England also has a number of great in-house resources to empower parishes to manage and plan their finances well:

  • Parish Buying website – here you will find great deals on everything from stationary to energy bills
  • Parish Resources website – this acts as an administrative centre to ensure to the information to enable you to run all aspects of the parish well
  • Parish Giving Scheme – this is a facility that enables regular givers to contribute using Direct Debit
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