Grant Funding

This page gives you information on grant funding available for work on our church buildings.  If you are looking for grant information for other projects please see the Finance section of the website.

Projects on our church buildings vary significantly from routine maintenance and repair to large scale re-ordering projects and extensions.  Many of the projects will be funded from existing reserves or from specific fundraising but external grants can in many cases provide a significant proportion of the funds required.

Before looking for grants it is important to be clear exactly what the project is.  Most grant funders will expect detailed proposals of the work before they will consider an application and some grants will only support certain types of work. e.g. community focussed projects.  You will also find that some grant funders will not consider an application until a certain percentage of the costs have already been raised and therefore you may want to consider which grants you apply for first.  Some grants also have specific application windows each year so it is important that you consider this when planning which grants you will apply for.

A list of organisations from which churches in the diocese have received grants from is updated regularly from information provided by parishes (see below).  If you have received grants recently, please inform the Buildings for Mission Secretary of the details so that this information can be kept up to date.

The diocese operates its own grant scheme for work on church buildings which is administered by the Church Buildings Panel and supporting by funding from the national Minor Repairs Grant. 

Grants of a percentage (dependant on the churches deprivation index) of the total costs of the work can be granted up to a maximum of £5000 (or £6000 for unlisted churches who cannot claim the VAT).  For details on the percentage applicable to your church please contact Martin Howard ( or phone 07586090996).

The Panel are also able to offer loans of up to £15,000 to help support churches who need to undertake urgent repairs.  The application form can be found on the Church Building Resourse page and should be returned to The Buildings for Mission Secretary via email to along with relevant supporting documents.

If your church is a listed building you are able to claim the VAT back on maintenance and repairs through the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme.  For details on how to claim please visit their website. Listed Places of Worship (

If you require any support in making grant applications please contact the Buildings for Mission Secretary in the first instance. 

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