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The Blessing Course

The Blessing Course has been commissioned and designed by the Diocese of Durham for group study to help us grow as followers of Jesus so that we can be a people of blessing.  Bishop Paul comments:

God is in the business of blessing. He blesses in creation (Genesis 1.22, 28). He blesses in the covenants he makes with humanity (e.g. Abraham Gen 12.1-4). He blesses supremely in our Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1.3-14).

We are blessed people. So in response we bless God in praise and worship.

Then we are also called to be a people of blessing. God chooses to use us to bless others, as individuals and communities, and to bless the whole of creation. So we need to grow in our experience and understanding of this blessedness. Hence The Blessing Course.

The aim of the whole series is to help us grow as followers of Jesus so that we can be a people of blessing. We bless by our presence, by our prayers, by proclaiming the good news, and by serving.

It is my simple prayer that The Blessing Course will be a blessing to all who engage in it; and that we will all then be a means of God’s blessing to others.

+Paul Dunelm – May 2016

This page provides a series of links to the modules of the course and any resources that you might need to run the course in your church. For Printing the modules there are two options:

  • The Inline option will provide a download where the pages are consecutive and best suited to printing individual pages or for screen viewing of the page.
  • Booklet version. In this download the pages have been laid-out in order to facilitate printing into a booklet containing double sided pages. The booklet will print onto A4 sheets where the odd pages are one side of the paper and the even pages the other side. when then folded a booklet is created.

The Blessing Course as Booklets

The Blessing Course as In-Line printable versions