Samantha Amsden, Finance Resources Co-ordinator, reflects upon our generous God

Lambing Season and a Generous God – A Reflection by Samantha Amsden, Finance Resources Co-ordinator

Having just finished my third season of lambing since moving to the dales, I’m getting better acquainted with the whole ‘lambing’ thing.  It’s a relentless time of year, being knee deep in sheep and lambs, spray marker and milk powder. Fuelled primarily by Easter confectionary and six hours of sleep.

Its such a time of stress and worry. You worry whether the ewes are healthy enough, that they haven’t been subject to any undue stress. Is it going to snow?  ‘Please God, no not snow’. And wonder whether some of these ewes are actually going to mother these tiny little lambs at all.

The season and all its activity has reminded me that we serve a compassionate and generous God who cares for people and animals alike (Psalm 36:6).  We are told not to be anxious about anything but put our trust in Him for He will provide everything we need (Matthew 6:31-32).  This is extremely encouraging!

Hopefully our lambs being born now will bring good prices when they go to market, and perhaps for us pedigree breeders, this year might be the year we have that extra special lamb to make some serious money at the breeding sales.  But whatever the economic return will be on our flock and efforts, we will trust and give any financial worry over to Him. One of the names of the Lord is Jehovah-jireh “The LORD Will Provide”.  And every time He is faithful, I am in awe.

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