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Crystal ball Deanery Planning is a core process in Durham Diocese. On the Plan-on-a-Page:

  • The three things we need to be good at – transforming comunities, churches and lives – and the areas where we are focusing our energy – growing churches, children and young people, and poverty – should be key planks of every deanery plan.
  • Developing Deaneries is identified as one of the strands that will help us get there.
  • It is also one of the processes that will help us get our resources where we need them.

At the Diocesan Synod meeting on 21st May 2015, deanery planning was formally delegated to deanery synods, giving the whole process a firm and permanent basis. To ensure that it is fully linked to the diocesan business plan, and fully supported by all the diocesan staff and bodies, each deanery in turn is invited to meet with Bishop’s Council at one of its meetings. Bishop’s Council takes a keen interest in the plans, and engages with the deanery about its hopes, frustrations and action plans. There has been a special focus in 2016 on developing the planning process, and the capacity of deaneries for planning. As a result, a wide range of resources has been produced, many of which are available via these pages.

For queries about deanery planning, contact your Archdeacon.

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