Wings for worship

This programme is designed to train lay members of our churches to be able to lead worship and to preach. It has proved popular with those who take part, and has been liberating for the ministry of local churches.

It was developed in the Diocese some years ago and is currently being refreshed. 

The programme consists of two modules, each of five sessions. 

The first provides training in how to lead an act of worship well. It includes material both on the mechanics of physically leading a service as well as specific training on how to lead different styles of worship. 

The second provides training in how to preach in church or in a church service, with permission being given for the lay minister to preach up to six times per year.

Both modules include practical exercises of planning and leading part of a service and also giving a sermon.

This training is planned and delivered collaboratively between the MDM Team and, normally, a deanery.

Participants must come with the full backing of their incumbent and PCC and with the commitment from their incumbent that they will continue to be supervised following recognition of their ministry. They must be in good standing with the Church.

Those who complete the course will be recognised for ministry by the Diocese. This recognition must be renewed every three years through the Bishop’s Office. Those who enter into these ministries will be strongly encouraged to continue in their own training and development, as with other lay ministers of the Church.

If you are interested in these ministries, please talk with your incumbent. If as an incumbent you would like this training delivered locally, please talk to your Area Dean.

If you as an Area Dean or Lay Chair would like this training delivered in your deanery, please contact the Warden of Lay Ministries.

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