What is Love’s Invitation? – Eastertide Reflection 25

By Revd Tim Ferguson


Christian Aid Week: What it Love’s Invitation?


It’s Christian Aid week, and we have global poverty and the climate emergency as our focal points. In the middle of a pandemic that has claimed the lives of thousands of lives and disrupted the lives of billions. It’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed.

So, what it the Holy Spirit saying to us in these times? Or, to put it another way; what is Love’s Invitation to us?


For me, Christian Aid week comes at a good time of year because we have as a church just walked through Holy Week to Easter, and we’re on our way to Pentecost.

I wonder where we might place ourselves in the Easter story as we contemplate global poverty and the climate emergency.

Do we find ourselves in the crowd welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday?

Are we hearing arguments in the Temple Courts about what is the best way to serve God in all this?

Perhaps you are in the Upper Room with Jesus sharing the Last Supper, or maybe you feel a sense of betrayal and shock at where we find ourselves.

You could be in the garden of Gethsemane, with Jesus. Or perhaps the thoughts of global poverty and the climate emergency are too much, and it feels like hope is buried along with Jesus body.

Or perhaps we are there with the women on Easter Sunday morning, filled with fear and joy as we are sent with the good news of Jesus resurrection.


Wherever we are in this story, we know that God takes us through despair, agony and even death itself, into a new resurrection life. You are God’s Beloved Child, or as Rowan William puts it “we are objects of an eternal delight.”

This is the place God meets us, in that love, whether in joy or despair, God invites us to join him in the resurrected life with Jesus and all the church into everlasting day.


What shape will Love’s Invitation take? I don’t know precisely, but I know that if I’m prepared to wait and to listen to the cry of the poorest, the cry of the rich, the comfortable, the not-so-comfortable, and the cry of the earth, then in among these cries, I trust that I will  hear Love’s joyful call to join Christ, and my neighbours in God’s eternal embrace, to everlasting life, the resurrection life together. May God bless us as we discern his love and truth for us all today. Amen.

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