screenshot of National CofE Vocations page of the website
screenshot of National CofE Vocations page of the website

Over the first ten days in February we have been preparing for Vocations Sunday (17th February in 2019), releasing individuals’ stories to be used as inspirational resources, and possibly as challenges too…

Often, individuals feel a call to ‘do something’ within the church, but need to discern where that call may be leading them. We hope that hearing others’ stories will help with this!
Please share the links with people who you know may need a nudge and be encouraged to explore their vocation further – especially to remind them that our vocation as a Christian does not rely on having a specific role! We can love others throughout our daily lives, no matter where we are!

All videos shared can be found here:

But if you would like to access some of the written stories, or see the information which was shared alongside the videos, please see these individual links:

Introduction to the ten days, and contact details:

Reader ministry (including the videos of Heather and Jill’s stories):

Ordained ministry (including the videos of ordinands Mahalha, Tommy and Hannah’s stories):

Our shared vocation as Christians:

Chaplaincy ministries (including the video of Hospital Chaplain Remi’s story as well as written stories from a School Chaplain, a Prison Chaplain and links to Sports and Airport chaplains’ stories):

Lay Leadership Roles (including the video of Deanery Synod Lay Chair Lucy’s story):

Christian Vocation within the Teaching Profession (including the video of Professor and Cathedral Canon Simon’s story and the written story of Secondary Teacher Anna):

Lay Leadership Roles (including the video of Youth and Community Worker Mark, and the written story of Lay Pastoral Minister Andrew):

The Ministry Experience Scheme (including the videos of Brandon and James, 2018-19 participants in the Sunderland part of the scheme):

(Quote taken from Ordinand Tommy’s story)

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