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The Year 2 children of East Darlington have been on a Christmas Journey full of awe and wonder, which has increased their knowledge of the true meaning of Christmas. The children are led around key elements of the traditional story in a thought-provoking way, using interactive and multi-sensory experiences.

Groups of 6 and 7 year olds start by considering God’s gift of our beautiful world and the way in which people have spoilt it, wondering how it can be rescued. As they progress through ‘tents’ encountering the characters of the Christmas story, they learn how the coming of Jesus at Christmas and his teaching, gives everyone the promise of God’s love and his challenge of caring for his world and its people. They finish by reflecting on the impact of God’s gift to the world, and the importance of Jesus’ love in all we do.

This is the third year that St John’s Church has hosted this highly successful event which involves more than twenty members of five Darlington churches, the ‘East-Enders’, and 480 children and staff from nine schools. Comments from the children and school staff have been full of praise for the impact on the children’s enthusiasm for reflection on the big questions of life.

Story Provided By: Darlington Deanery

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