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This page contains content relating to the Boards, Groups and Committees that form our Synods and Governance structures.

The Diocese of Durham is led by the Bishop of Durham and governed by our Diocesan Synod. Synodical governance provides a system for partnership with the Bishop, ensuring that the Diocese can consider matter together and move forward in agreement.

The Diocesan Synod is an elected body constituted to consider matters relating to the mission of the Church, advise & consult with the Bishop and to agree the financial plans of the Diocese.

The Church of England is governed by the General Synod to which the Diocese has elected membership of Laity, Clergy as well as the Bishop.

Election results have been announced detailing which members of the Durham Diocese will be joining the General Synod for the term 2021-2026.

As of 12/10/2021, the five Proctors in Convocation to represent the diocese in General Synod are as follows; The Revd William (Bill) Braviner, The Venerable Robert Cooper, The Revd Mark Mawhinney, The Revd Mark Miller and the Revd Chantal Noppen.

The four members of the House of Laity to represent the diocese in General Synod are as follows; Mr Alistair Bianchi, Dr Angus Goudie, Canon Dr Jamie Harrison and Mrs Helen Smith.

Further details from the election is available below:

House of Clergy Results

Durham Clergy Result Sheet 2021

Durham Clergy Results Table 2021

Durham Clergy Description 2021

House of Laity Results

Durham Laity Result Sheet 2021

Durham Laity Results Table 2021

Durham Laity Description 2021

The Governance Structure adopted within the Diocese of Durham is shown graphically here.