Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to attach some additional resources to help you think through your response to +Paul’s recent letter and the Plan on a Page.

  1. We have produced a leaflet which you can use to share the key messages within the parish (for example with PCC Members and other local leaders).  This includes the Plan on a Page and the key messages from Bishop Paul’s recent letter.  When printed double sided, the leaflet forms an A5 brochure which can be used as an aide memoir.
  2. We have also produced a version of the Plan on a Page which can be printed at A3 size for use on notice boards.

I hope that you find these resources helpful in developing your Parish Share pledge and also in your wider thinking and praying about how your parish will contribute towards our joint ambition to be proactive in blessing our communities in Jesus’ name for the transformation of us all.

These resources are in the public domain – they have been put on the Diocesan website – and we encourage you to share them with parishioners and partners wherever you believe that would be helpful.

On a practical note, please discuss and submit your Parish Share pledges to your Deanery Finance Representatives (we cannot receive these at the Diocesan Office or Bishop’s Office) by 31 July 2015.  If you have any other questions on our Plan, or would like us to produce and send you hard copies of the leaflet or poster, please contact the Diocesan Office.

With regards,

Andrew Thurston
Diocesan Secretary.

These resources can be downloaded here: [wpdm_package id=4923]

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