Children from across Wynyard Church of England Primary School who have excelled or showed excellent work in their Math's Achievement are treated to a VIP experience. (Picture: Keith Blundy)

Rewards for endeavour and performance in a school-wide Maths challenge is proof that Wynyard Church of England Primary School is worthy of its Ofsted outstanding status.

Fourteen pupils from the school were given a special Rockstar day out at the end of term in recognition of their hard work and progress in maths. Using the ‘Times Table Rockstars APP’, the school has significantly raised the achievement level of children of primary age in learning their times-tables.

The initiative was set up by Mrs Danielle Uttley, the lead maths teacher for the school as a new and vibrant way of empowering the children to have fun with maths. She said: “It’s a game where children create their own rock star persona and answer times table questions to increase the fluency in the use of the times tables. Every time they answer a question correctly they earn points that can be spent on improving their gaming Rockstar profile. To make it a little bit more competitive, we have had inter-class battles, and out of that we have picked the children with the best performance/effort and given them a Rockstar style day out. This has had a massive impact across the school.”

The school which was recently rated as Outstanding across all areas by Ofsted, and did so in its first inspection since opening three years ago, says that this is the kind of thing that makes a difference to children and their hunger for learning.

Head Teacher Mr Roger Ward said: “The Times Table Maths Rockstars is one strong example of some of the high-quality ideas, teaching, thinking and leadership that goes into creating an outstanding environment. It has created an environment where children want to learn, and that is the kind thing that leads to outstanding results. Ofsted said that we have a very engaging curriculum. Wynyard is a school where the leaders & teachers succeed in helping children to achieve their potential.

Wynyard has also achieved an outstanding grade in its recent SIAMs inspection, a fantastic achievement.

The school, which opened in 2015, and is still operating from a series of temporary classrooms will move into its permanent building in January 2019 with 266 children. Eventually the school will have a capacity of nearly 460 children including 39 full-time equivalent nursery places. The Diocese of Durham founded the school in response to the education needs of Wynyard and surrounding areas.

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