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Our Priorities

Our Priorities surround everything we do.

They are directly linked to our vision to ‘Bless our communities in Jesus’ name for the transformation of us all.

Our Priorities are: Church Growth, Children & Young People and Poverty (Social Action)



What We Do

We focus our energies on hubs of activity in support of our surrounding Diocesan Priorities which are Church Growth, Children & Young People and Poverty (Social Action) in order to ‘Bless Our Communities in Jesus’ name for the transformation of us all’.

Our activities whilst focused on our priorities, also embrace the wider Church and our faith partners.

Visit our hubs, explore what we are doing and get involved in the conversations, here and on social media.



Our Mission Hub

Our Mission Hub is our conversation on:

    • Discipleship (Spiritual Growth)
    • Evangelism (Numeric Growth)

Activities are many in the Mission Hub and also include: Children & Young People, Vocations, Clergy & Lay Ministry Development.

Our Giving Hub

Our Giving Hub is where we focus on ‘Giving’ in all its forms: Financial, Resources, Time etc.

Parish giving and the Parish Giving Scheme are key components in the hub as well as supporting Parishes in looking for other sources of giving that benefits their local mission and the blessing of all our communities in Jesus’ name.

Please explore the resources available to support you.

Our Resource Hub

The Resource Hub is where we bring together supporting resources for all of our activities.

So if you are looking for Parish, Community, Church, Administration Resources and a wide range of other resources – this is the place to start.

Many of our resources are held in our resource folders – and you can search their contents to find what you might be looking for.

Recent Videos


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