By Revd Glen Macknight, Vicar at Hillside and organiser of this event.

Christians will gather in Gibside Chapel on October 31st at 2pm to host a service of prayers for COP 26 entitled ‘Prayers for Our Planet’.

As part of the event there will be four exhibits that people can engage with as they choose; Cherish, Sorrow, Challenge and Hope. There will also be the opportunity to mark your own action or prayer by writing it down, then leave it on the altar or take it away. 

COP26 is being hosted by the UK in Glasgow from 31 October – 12 November, and among its goals is found this statement: “We can only rise to the challenges of the climate crisis by working together.”

Living under the same sky and walking the same land, we recognise a shared humanity and shared culpability in how our actions are impacting the climate.   

Working together we want to be part of the process of raising awareness of what is taking place as well as encouraging changes that we all can make. 

Halfway through the creation story in Genesis, Chapter 1, we read that the land and the sea are brought into being and ‘God saw that it was good’. That which God delights in we also delight in, such a beautiful world in which we live but which is now under threat. 

The gathering of Christians at Gibside Chapel acknowledges our common heritage as being rooted in the land from which we draw our life. Nature’s store house is open for all, and this event is open to all.   

In the seriousness of that which confronts us all, our aim is to give thanks, acknowledge our part in the climate crisis we face, and be an encouragement to all so that our world might continue being ‘good’ for our children’s children. 

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