Durham Church Youth Groups Gather at Durham Cathedral for an Evening of fun and worship. Noah (11) wearing the body armour used by Russell Crow in the film Gladiator with TV's Gladiator ACE. (Picture: Keith Blundy)

More than 130 Young people aged 11 – 18 gathered in Durham Cathedral on Sunday 25th March for The Pulse. The event now in its eighth iteration since it was launched in 2016, gathers Church Youth Groups together to share fun and worship.

Durham Church Youth Groups Gather at Durham Cathedral for an Evening of fun and worship. (Picture: Keith Blundy)

The evening saw the launch of the ‘Growing Young Leaders’ worship band and also welcomed special guest Warren Furman, better know as TV’s Gladiator ACE.

Warren, now working with youth across the Northern Province of the Church of England gave his own testimony on how the trappings of fame and fortune left him empty of any spiritual substance and ultimately lead him to faith four years ago.

Noah (11) from Durham was thrilled to be able to try on one of the body armour props worn by Russell Crowe in the film Gladiator. Warren said: “This was purchased by a collector at auction for many tens of thousands of pounds. We are thrilled to be able to use it as part of the work we do going around the province talking to young people about faith.”

The evening saw representatives of each youth group take on the challenge of being gladiators in a jousting tournament and ultimately lead to organiser Andy Harris, Diocesan Leader of Youth Mission and Ministry battle ACE for the title. Sadly Andy couldn’t match ACE’s strength, but all ended with both laughing and worshipping together.

Jousting between youth group representatives. (Picture: Keith Blundy)
Andy (L) with Warren (R) joust it out.
(Picture: Keith Blundy)

As well as the jousting and worship, others from the Growing Young Leaders’ course had set up prayer stations allowing those attending to address speak to God in very different ways including posting a sorry note to God, writing and hanging prayers on a tree and writing thank yous’ to God before placing them in a gift-wrapped box. Many young people and adults took up the invitation to put a Coptic cross temporary tattoo on their wrist as a mark of following Christ. These have been produced by Open Doors to remember Christians in Egypt and around the world who do not have freedom of faith. Earlier this year a 27-year-old Christian in Egypt was killed because of a cross tattoo on his wrist.

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