Criminal Records Checking – Disclosure and Barring Service

The Diocesan Office provides a service to Parishes who need to ask people working with children and/or vulnerable adults to apply for clearance. Click here to download our checklist for PCCs, giving guidance about the posts which are eligible. There is a small charge of £5 to cover the cost of administering each application. Apart from that applications for volunteers are free. The DBS currently charge £44 for those who are not volunteers, so the total cost for a parish employee will be £49.

Each PCC should appoint a Parish Validator, who will be the contact for the Diocesan Office staff and for local applicants, and will check application forms before forwarding them to the Office.

The Diocese has adopted the national recommendation that criminal records clearances should be renewed after no more than 5 years. The Diocesan Office will initiate the process of renewal when necessary.

All application forms are numbered and are issued by the Office for a named person, with copies of notes for the applicant and for the validator (the person checking the form). These notes can also be downloaded here:

applicant’s guidance

DBS checker’s notes

The validator is also responsible for checking the applicant’s identity, and the guidance for this is in the checker’s notes and also this VALIDATORS DBS DOCUMENT CHECK LIST. If anyone does not have a “group 1 document” then we will need to commission an on-line identity check, for which there will be a small charge.

In order to determine the eligibility of an applicant for a DBS check and what level of enhanced check we need the validator to complete the DBS Information Checklist Please return this with the application form.

With each application form we also send out copies of a self-declaration form, to be returned with the application. If anything is declared on this form, or appears on the DBS certificate, it will be referred to the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser for consideration. All information is treated confidentially.

The DBS send a copy of the certificate to the applicant only and not to the diocese as before. When you receive your certificate please take it as soon as possible to your parish priest to be checked to see if it is is a clear certificate. Your parish priest should then return the tick sheet stating that the certificate is clear to the diocesan office asap. If the certificate is blemished then please send a photocopy to the diocesan office asap.

No one should begin a role within your church until your parish priest has seen your DBS certificate.

For further advice please contact:

Mandy Blackett, Office Manager, 01388 660010

Helen Straughan, Administrator, 01388 604515

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