St Michael’s church in Heighington was a unique canvas this Armistice Day, being used to display 17,800 hand-knitted and crochet poppies.

Made by Heighington Women’s Institute in Darlington, their arrangement marked the 100th year of the poppy being used as a symbol for Armistice Day.

The project took two years to design and co-ordinate by Christine Houghton, a member of the Women’s Institute. Many members have contributed to the project over the last two years.

The poppy was originally worn to honour not only those who had fought and died in conflict, but to honour the two women who originally came up with the idea, something that the Women’s Institute felt should be acknowledged.

Heighington WI would like to thank David, Keith and Drew for putting the panels up, St Michaels for allowing them to place the panels there and their many members for all of their hard work.

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