Children’s Council Mini Missionaries Give-Away


Children’s Council gave over 700 Christmas baubles away last Saturday in Stockton-on-Tees.  As part of our year of Mini Missionaries events, the Council have been involved in various events sharing the Gospel with their friends, with families around the diocese, and with members of the public in exciting and creative ways. 

The latest event was a huge give-away, with members of the Council giving the Christmas baubles, with a ‘Follow the Star’ bookmark attached, to each child and adult as they left after The Christmas Angel Nativity production.

Follow The Star’ is the Church of England’s Christmas campaign.   Daily reflections and a chance to upload photos are on the website.


In the weeks leading up to the bauble give-away, members of the Children’s Council (and a few adults!) had been busy stringing all the baubles with the bookmarks, ready for the event.


Wording on the front of the bookmark:

Loving God, help the world to follow the star and find peace; help us follow the star to know your love in our homes, and may the star lead us to find Jesus in our lives, this Christmas and always. Amen.

Wording on the back of the bookmark:

‘#FollowTheStar doesn’t ask you to be perfect. It says: come just as you are to take the life-changing Christmas journey.’ Archbishops Justin Welby and John Sentamu.

You’re invited to #FollowTheStar between Christmas Eve and 6th January

Find out more and join in at

The response from the public was incredibly positive, with many people being shocked and surprised at the generosity of giving something away for free.  Many people asked what we were doing, and why we were doing it, which gave us the opportunity to share about the Children’s Council and Mini Missionaries year.  We also spoke about ‘Follow The star’ and pointed out the prayer on the bookmark.

We were also able to give away some books to children – Scripture Union’s ‘The First Christmas’ to younger children and ‘Diary of a Disciple’ to older children.  Both were a great success with lots of ‘Thank Yous’ and big smiles from the children.  Members of the Children’s Council were very encouraged by the response from the give-away and enjoyed the event.

The Mini Missionaries Give Away event was a huge success!  An opportunity for Children’s Council to share the Love of God with over 700 children, parents, and grandparents was such a blessing to each one of us!

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