Happy Easter Jesus Christ is risen, I  bring Easter greetings from the wonderful Durham Cathedral recording on Maundy Thursday after we’ve had our Chrism Eucharist and renewal of vows, and were on Easter Day I will be celebrating communion on a number of occasions.

It’s been a tough year, last Easter none of us expected to still be in lockdown conditions. We’ve begun to ease very gently and very cautiously, but the story of Easter is the same as ever, Jesus Christ is risen. On that first Easter Day it took a while for the disciples to grasp just what was happening, it took them weeks really to get their heads around it and a lifetime to live it out.
Jesus Christ is risen. We’ve learned lots of things through the pandemic, hard lessons, difficult things to learn about ourselves, our society, our world. As we begin to move out of it,  we need to heed the lessons, not throw them away. Care for creation, recognising that caring for others lies at the heart of being truly human. That those who care for others are at the centre of our life as a nation.

Let’s move ahead gently, carefully, recognising the lessons we’ve learned just as those first disciples learnt lessons and began to live them out. Jesus Christ was risen, it changed their lives the pandemic has changed our lives but Jesus Christ is still risen and alive walking with us. Let’s learn the lessons of this past year and let’s not forget them, but let’s move into the future with hope, knowing that Jesus Christ is risen.

For that is the hope of Easter.



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