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Bishop Paul has released two Easter Messages this year the first, to the Diocese talks of Fullness of Life. The Second two the wider region links fullness of life to our priority on poverty and social justice. 

Video message to the Diocese Easter 2018

Video message to the Region Easter 2018

[Part Transcript]

The Rt Revd Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham has used his annual Easter Message to talk about the Easter story and why it is all about the real delight and purpose of life and how he ties this to the need to have a real living wage not just minimum wage.

Bishop Paul said: “I love Easter, Easter is all about life and living; Jesus risen from the dead is about offering us life in all its fullness. This is much more than self-fulfilment, it’s more than simply having a good time, it’s about discovering real purpose and delight in life.

“Which is why I tie Easter with things like why we need to have real living wage not just minimum wage. Why we [The Church] are engaged in tackling poverty, why we are a people of welcome to refugees and asylum seekers.”

He goes on to say: “The Easter message has to turn itself into everyday living that is about fullness of life for all people – not just me, me, me but us, us, us! Because in Easter, Jesus says, ‘Life for all, life in all its fullness’.”


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