Advent Reflections 2020 – Day 22


Advent 2020 – O Clavis David

Based upon: Isaiah 22.22; 42.7

By Sarah Clark, Bishop of Jarrow – Please Share Widely

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December the 20th the fourth antiphon of david o clavis david our advent reflection o key of david and sector of the house of israel you open and no one can shut you shut and no one can open come and lead the prisoners from the prison house those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death the fourth antiphon o key of david cries out in longing for the coming of the messiah with this striking image of the messiah as the key and this isn’t an image of a person with a bunch of keys in their hands selecting the right one this is an image of this person as the ki the key to all of life the key to each of our lives the key to life of all humanity the key of david

the image here is of a key that opens that sets free that liberates leads captives from their prison leads those who are in darkness out into the light leads those who are trapped in the shadow of death into the light of life this is an easter image it is the image of that journey that jesus made from death in the tomb into the garden of the resurrection and new life from the darkness of death into the light of life the journey that he has been the key to open up the door to the journey that we must make ourselves stepping through that doorway into the life that he has shown us that leads us from death into life the key of david we have a current picture really of a key that is at work a key that liberates that opens up a prison door and lets people go free we’ve been celebrating the finding of a vaccine for covid19 which we hope and we look forward to releasing us from our homes from the restrictions that we’ve had to live because of the threat of death that the vaccine will deliver us from and the scientists have been searching for this key to the genetic code that will enable the vaccine to work within us as human people and we give thanks at this time for that key that will help so many to move again out of the prison of their houses out of the prison of fear of death into a new life in many different ways

but the person who is the key of david isn’t the key simply to one situation but is the key to all of life the key to releasing all of life in christian terms from the grip of sin and death and releasing each single person

from anything that holds them and binds them that they might live fully so whatever the shut doors are in your life that you don’t know where the key is for wherever you feel in prisons and long to be able to move out we believe that jesus is the key to those situations who can bring the healing and release that is needed but jesus isn’t a piece of metal to pick up to use and put down again he is the key who is the person who longs to come into our lives and to be able to remain with us and abide with us within them so he’s a key that he’s used not simply once but actually fits and remains because he makes us complete in so many ways

so the key of life jesus the messiah o key of david offers liberation this day amen

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